Best in the World Pickles

Best in the World Pickles

By Elsie      

November 29, 2015



4 c. vinegar

2 c. sugar

2/3 c. pickling/canning salt

2 c. water

For Jars

Fresh cucumbers

Fresh dill

Onion, sliced



1Wash and soak cucumbers in ice water for 3 hours.

2Cut larger cucumbers lengthwise in quarters.

3Pack cucumbers in jar with dill, 2 slices onion and 3 pieces of celery.

4Put jars in pan of warm to hot water to warm while brine is coming to boil.

5Bring to brine to boil and pour over packed pickles.

I have to assume you'd then process in a boiling-water canner for 10 minutes (start timing when water returns to boil). Remove jars; cool on racks. --LT


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