Cracker Crusted Walleye Recipe

Cracker Crusted Walleye

By Todd  ,     

November 28, 2015

Ice Fishing season is around the corner, and I wanted to share our favorite way to prepare Walleye filets at home.

  • Yields: 4-6 Walleye Filets
Cracker Crusted Walleye Recipe


Will coat 4-6 filets

2 cups Fryin' Magic

1 cup crushed crackers, Ritz and/or Club



1Crush equal mixture of Ritz crackers and Club crackers using hands or rolling pin. Crackers should be rough/fine texture not a powder.

2Dip Walleye filets in buttermilk then coat with breading mixture.

3 Allowed breaded filets to rest for 15 minutes.


1 Heat vegetable oil or olive oil in a cast iron pan at med-high heat.

2 When oil is hot, pan fry each filet until browned.

This dish pairs very nicely with a cold glass of your favorite beer! I like my filets with fresh lemon juice squeezed on, and Loma pairs her filets with Homemade Buttermilk Dressing. Yum!


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