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Welcome to the Food Family & Love, a recipe and cooking blog inspired by the Love of Family, of Friends and the Food that bring us together.

My best memories involve some kind of family gathering which was always accompanied by the most delicious food.  The creation of this cooking blog has been a dream of mine for a number of years and was inspired by my Grandmother, Elsie Gereau.  Like many of Elsie’s grandchildren, I was always asking for her recipes, and from time to time, I’d spend an afternoon in her kitchen learning the subtle nuances of recipes I couldn’t seem reproduce on my own.  In fact, we I went two rounds with her and her famous Sugar Cookie recipe, she’d say to me, “Be gentle… work the butter and flour together with your finger tips.” Today, my sugar cookies come close to hers, but even after cooking with her in her kitchen, I don’t think I’d win a side-by-side comparison with her cookies.

Gram’s had so many of these great recipes, I wanted to create a repository that all her descendants and extended family could access and carry on her passion for cooking. My only regret is not creating this cooking blog while she was still with us and being able to share this blog with her.  I miss her so much.  She continues to be an inspiration in all that I do, but her memories are most present when I’m in the kitchen.

Although I’m dedicating this cooking blog to Grandma Elsie’s memory, it is not intended to solely be a collection of her recipes.  I will share many of my own recipes and encourage everyone of you to share as well.  Consider these questions. Have you ever been asked to share a recipe?  Do you have your own favorite family recipe you are repeatedly asked to make? Now is your chance to share those secret recipes and your memories of sharing them with loved ones. While you are at it why not invite your own extended family and freinds to share their family favorites here as well.

I love you all and I hope you will enjoy the recipes, stories and articles.

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