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best recipe for spanish bean soup

Spanish Bean Soup

Spanish bean soup, Potajes de garbanzos, has long been a Cuban tradition. My first taste of this soup was at the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City, Florida near Tampa. It was love at first taste! I truly could not get enough of it. Like can't-put-it-down-lick-the-bottom-of-the-bowl delicious... ok so I didn't do that at the restaurant in front of my mother-in-law, but I wanted too. As with any addiction, I needed my fix of this soup and seeing as I live 1,548 miles from Ybor City.... I had to learn to make this at home.

This is a comforting soup best served with a big slice of crusty bread. If there are any leftovers its even better the next day.


Corned Beef & Cabbage Bean Soup

Enjoy all the flavors of corned beef and cabbage is this easy to make soup. Start this soup in the morning. Set it on low. Then spend your day enjoying the great outdoors and a mug of green beer! Dinner will be ready when you get home.


best jambalaya recipe


Jambalaya, New Orleans spicy one-pot favorite of sausage, seafood, veggies and rice. Soul food at its finest - hearty, satisfying, and deeply comforting!

Sprinkle with diced scallions and serve with fresh out of the oven cornbread.


Pizza Soup

I'm a pizza lover! I can eat pizza several days a week for breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, I'm also trying to watch my carbs and this soup has all the flavors you'd expect from pizza without the crust.


Game Day Chili

I love chili... it’s warm, comforting, and you get to top it with things like shredded cheddar cheese, onion, sour cream and fresh cilantro. What’s not to like? This particular chili should be on every tailgater's must have list especially on a cold days outside the Frozen Tundra or for that game day party when you have lots of people to feed.


Elsie’s Potato Soup

This recipe of Gramdma's makes a creamy and flavorful soup, loaded with chewy dumplings. I prefer to use my homemade turkey stock in place of the water.

By Elsie

quick & easy wild rice soup recipe

Quick & Easy Wild Rice Soup

This recipe originates from the Nelson side of the family. Served with crusty bread on a cold winter's night is truly soul warming!


Home Canned Turkey Stock Recipe

Home Canned Turkey Stock

Todd and I make a lot of soup throughout the winter so this homemade turkey stock has become a must-have staple in our pantry. Plus besides soup, we use it in a plethora of other dishes in lieu of water, i.e. when cooking rice or making stuffing. Besides the fact, that it is better for you than that sodium-packed stuff you buy in the store, it simply tastes better with it's rich and full of flavor. It really is worth the effort to always keep this on hand throughout the year.


Loma's steak chili recipe

Steak Chili

This is a unique twist on chili, and yes, it is made without beans. If you feel you must add beans, please add them at the end, so they do not soak up the spices intended for the meat.


White Chili

This was originally a Naval recipe that I stumbled upon years ago, but it makes the best white chili I have ever had. This is a family favorite soup of ours perfect for cold weather, as it really warms you up. Loma and I use a Le Creuset cast iron Dutch Oven to create this heaven in a bowl. The cast iron pan produces a nice even heat that minimizes the risk of burning. By using one pot for the dish, we capture all the depth of flavor from the brown bits created from the browning process. You can substitute Chicken stock for the Turkey stock, but the homemade Turkey stock adds a deep, rich flavor to the soup.

By Todd