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Hamburger Vegetable Soup

Credit for this recipe goes to Carol Steinhoff. I have embellished and added a few things to this dish. During the cold season, this is one of our favorites! Cooking the veggies in with the beef adds a greater depth of flavor. The addition of fire roasted tomatoes adds more flavor. The recipe below makes a hearty soup, and feel free to cut back on the ingredients to make it more broth based.

By Todd

Cracker Crusted Walleye Recipe

Cracker Crusted Walleye

Ice Fishing season is around the corner, and I wanted to share our favorite way to prepare Walleye filets at home.

By Todd

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

This is a very definition of a "family favorite" recipe as it has spanned several families. I found this recipe in Gram's collection of recipes and was a bit surprised, since this has also been in my recipe collection since high school. Both Gram and I note credit for this recipe to my best friend's mom, Chetti Green. And I know this a one of their family favorites!!


Zucchini Drop Cookies

By Elsie

Apple Cranberry Pie Recipe

Apple Cranberry Pie

Here is the Apple Cranberry Pie I make several times throughout the fall for my hubby after our annual trip to the apple orchard with friends. We typically pick Cortland and Honey Crisp along with and whatever mystery apple is growing in the neighbors yard?


Grandma Elsies Homemade Pie Crust Recipe

Elsie’s Pie Crust

Since my hubby, Todd, is a huge apple pie fan. I find myself making several throughout the fall season. And when I'm in the grocery store reaching for a "cheater pie crust," I hear Gram's voice ringing in my head, "LT! Don't buy that crap, it's so easy and cheaper to make pie crusts!" This crust freezes well.

By Elsie

Ice Box Rolls

Grandma Oathoudt's. So I'm not sure how old this recipe is but Gram has a note: can substitute 1 - 7¢ cake for yeast packets, good luck finding a 7¢ yeast cake these days. 🙂

By Elsie

Aunt Dorothy’s Bloody Mary

I love that our Grandmothers and Great Aunt's thought it important enough to record a few cocktail recipes in their personal cookbooks. For a modern day spin, Loma recommends Prairie Cucumber Flavored Organic Vodka... yum, yum!


Homemade Egg Nog Recipe

Egg Nog

Aunt Lola's Holiday Classic

By Elsie